Tom & Sally Belford

Bobar Wines, Australia

La Cabane, Hong Kong

Tom and Sally Belford made their way through France’s wine regions for 15 months in 2010 and first experienced natural wine-growing in the Loire Valley. Back in Australia, they decided to settle down in the Yarra Valley and to start their own activity, far from Australia’s industrial wineries and winemaking philosophy. Ever since their viticulture studies at Charles Sturt University, Tom and Sally always intended to make wines the simplest and most natural way possible. They both shared the same views regarding how vines should be grown. Tom and Sally source most of their grapes from other winegrowers in the Yarra Valley, working very closely with the growers and keeping an eye on the vines. Once the grapes come through their winery’s doors, Tom and Sally really let the fruits express themselves. The Syrah they make is vinified following the Beaujolais-inspired method of carbonic maceration. As craftsmen, they choose to remain very hands-off throughout the entire process.

“With movements like the natural wine movement, which bases itself on sustainability and sustainable practices in the winery, we feel very strongly about it and it’s something we’re always conscious of with regards to every aspect of our winemaking, so the one thing that is important to me is that it gets people thinking about the wines that they’re drinking.” - Sally Belford

Location Yarra Valley, Australia
Size 0.3 hectares
Soils Grey loam over a deep clay base
Varieties cultivated Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah sourced from Yarra Valley vineyards
Yields/Annual production 5,000 bottles
Farming/Winemaking Grapes come from conventionally managed vineyards but are vinified following a non-interventionist stance

Syrah Bobar 2013

$225.00 HKD


Bobar Shiraz-Viognier 2017

$260.00 HKD

Syrah, Viognier

Bobar Viognier 2017

$260.00 HKD