Catherine & Pierre Breton

Domaine Breton, Loire Valley

Catherine and Pierre Breton own an eleven-hectare-vineyard in Restigné, a village in Bourgueil. They are working with typical appellations : Chinon, Bourgueil and Vouvray, creating wines for all wine lovers, from direct consumption to long aging wines. Firstly certified as an organic farm in 1991, they started to produce biodynamically in 1994. They are currently seeking the certification. Internationally famous for their work on difficult soils (gravel, limestone, clay, schist and yellow tuffeau), they tend to produce round natural wines, delightful and crisp. Some of their work (mainly done by Catherine) can be found under the label "La Dillettante" !

"We practice slow, soft and honest élevage to get the authenticity and the peculiarity of each cuvée." - The Bretons

Location Loire Valley
Appellation Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray
Size 17 hectares
Soil Gravel, clay, limestone, Tuffeau
Varieties cultivated Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc
Yields/Annual production 6,700 cases
Age of vines 12 years to 60 years
Farming/Winemaking Organic and biodynamic viticulture, hand harvested, indigenous yeast, low to no sulfur, wines age in barrel
Certification Ecocert (1994)

Showcased work

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Nuit d'Ivresse 2013 - Magnum

$450.00 HKD

Cabernet Franc

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Vouvray La Dilettante sec 2015

$230.00 HKD

Chenin Blanc