Roland Piollot

Domaine Piollot, Champagne

La Cabane, Hong Kong

The estate of Champagne Piollot is farmed by Roland Piollot and his wife Dominique Moreau (who also owns Champagne Marie Courtin). The vines have been owned by Roland's family for decades in the Aube region.

In 1986, Roland decided to start making wines himself, and since 2009, he has converted the vines to organic farming only and uses his own compost. The house champagnes are very refreshing and easy-drinking - keeping their elegance and delicacy.

"Learning to wait, knowing when to take action only when needed." - Roland Piollot


AOC Vins de Champagne
8.5 hectares
Limestone and Red Clay
Varieties cultivated
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Arbanne
Age of vines
40+ years-old
Vines are grown organically with biodynamic methods, wines are aged in oak barrels, natural fermentation using only yeasts coming from the vineyard
Ecocert (2014)

Champagne Piollot Cuvée Colas Robin

$400.00 HKD

Pinot Blanc