Bruno Dubois

Domaine Bruno Dubois, Loire Valley

Growing up in a wine-loving family, Bruno Dubois took over his father and uncle’s land in 2002 in Saumur-Champigny. Even though this was not the easiest choice, Bruno instantly began to convert the vineyards to organics, and continues to push himself to work entirely biodynamically. He aims to produce wines with as little human interference as possible to truly reflect the integrity and history of the terroir, as well as to produce the best, healthiest and most ‘alive’ wines possible. 

"The desire [to convert to biodynamic principles] has always been there, but it's when you really throw yourself into this practice that you're truly going somewhere." - Bruno Dubois

Location Loire Valley
Appellations Saumur-Champigny
Size 11 hectares
Soils Clay and limestone with a base of tuffeau stone
Varieties cultivated Cabernet Franc, Chenin Blanc
Age of vines 45-65 years old
Farming/Winemaking Vineyards were certified EcoCert in 2012 and Demeter biodynamic in 2015. Native fermentation, no pumping, light extraction, no added sulfites (except for the white), wines are unfined and unflitered
Certification Ecocert (2012) and Demeter (2015)

Cuvée BD 2016

$195.00 HKD

Cabernet Franc

Blanc du Bois 2016

$235.00 HKD

Chenin Blanc