Joseph Landron

Domaine de la Louveterie & Château la Carizière, Loire Valley

La Cabane, Hong Kong

The Landron family has owned the estate for nearly 70 years now. When Joseph Landron took over the domain in 1979, the vineyards were grown classically (using chemicals and pesticides). However, these farming methods almost led to the death of the entire vineyard in 1987 because of a particular herbicide which literally poisoned the plants.

In reaction, Joseph immediately banished every chemical and additive from his domain and started to plow the soils in order to regenerate his land. Since then, every parcel has been organically farmed. Today, Jo Landron owns 46 hectares of vines in Nantes’ wine area. His main cuvée "Amphibolite" is named after the particular layers of stone found in his soils.

"Only the respect of the soils and the vines by organic farming allows [the wines] to express their full personality."  - Joseph Landron

Location Loire Valley
Appellation Muscadet Sevre et maine
Size 46 hectares
Soil Clay and sand, layers of sandstone and amphibolite
Varieties cultivated Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Noir, Folle Blanche
Yields/Annual production 250,000 bottles
Age of vines 35 year old on average
Farming/Winemaking Organic certified, biodynamic farming, natural winemaking
Certification Ecocert (2002), Biodyvin
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Atmosphere Vin Mousseux 2017

$170.00 HKD  

Folle Blanche, Pinot Noir