Bénédicte & Emmanuel Leroy

Domaine Ruppert-Leroy, Champagne

The history of the estate starts in the 70's, with the first generation of farmers who straight away cultivated grapes organically. Under Gerard Ruppert, the vines were grown to sell grapes to local cooperatives. Approaching retirement in 2009, he decided to hand over the estate to his daughter, Bénédicte Leroy. She continued to farm organically the vineyard and even more, converting the vineyards to biodynamic farming. But also started to make her own Champagnes. Thanks to the work of her father, the grapes she works with are famous for being impeccable.

“The quality of our wine comes directly from the quality of the grapes  we have.”- Bénédicte Leroy

Location Champagne
Appellations Champagne
Size 4 hectares
Varieties cultivated Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Age of vines 15 to 30 years old
Farming/Winemaking Biodynamic certified & biologic (AB). Vinification without sulphites added. Indigenous yeast. No sticking or filtration. Natural cooling, Malo-lactic fermentation, bottling after 9 months of ageing on lees in barrels and half-muids on slats. 18 months minimum. Hand harvested. 
Annual production 24,000 bottles
Certifications AB (2010), Demeter (2014)
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Papillon - Brut Nature

$530.00 HKD

Pinot Noir