Noëlla Morantin

Loire Valley

A random encounter with a professor of viticulture motivated Noëlla Morantin to start learning about wine. After several years of working as head of Junko Arai’s estate, she decided to buy her own grapes and eventually her own vineyard, and in 2007 began to vinify under her own name. Interning with the Mosse family and her other previous mentors introduced her to natural wine-making and inspired her to treat her vineyards under strictly biodynamic principles. 

"I ’ve had the same idea since I started making wine and I’ve always followed it: I want to make wine I enjoy drinking." - Noëlla Morantin

Location Loire Valley
Appellation Vin de France
Size 8 hectares
Varieties cultivated Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cot, Cabernet Franc, Gamay
Yields/Annual production 25,000
Farming/Winemaking Vines are tended organically (certified by Ecocert in 2008) and the wine is vinified without intervention or manipulation. Natural yeasts, long maceration, long and low fermentation and minimum sulfur used. 
Certification Ecocert (2008)

Les Pichiaux 2017

$195.00 HKD

Sauvignon Blanc