Pierre & Marie-Louise Richarme

Domaine Pero Longo, Corsica

The Domaine Pero-Longo is located in the valley of Ortolo, near Bonifaccio in Corsica. It has completely adapted biodynamic principles since 2000, and mainly grows Corsican-born grape varieties. The Domaine produces renowned reds, whites and rosés under the AOC Sartène without the addition of sulfur, yeasts or chemicals. It is organic-certified and owns the Demeter certification, which imposes even more restrictions on the wine-growing process. The yields are very low but this is not of great importance to these nature-enthusiasts, who are after quality rather than quantity.

"You need to know how to listen to and observe nature. My wife Marie-Louise and I wanted to go further by converting into biodynamic domaine. This implies certain constraints, but in the long-term we have found our footing." - Pierre Richarme  

Location Corsica
Appellation AOC Corse Sartène
Size 24 hectares
Soil Granitic arenas
Varieties cultivated Vermentino, Sciaccarelo, Nielluccio, Grenache
Farming/Winemaking Organic and biodynamic certified, natural process, no additives during vinification
Certification Demeter (2016)
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Lion de Roccapina 2014

$250.00 HKD